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Triac BTA208S600D and BTA208S600F blinking or working unstable


New Member
Hello! Please help me validate the electrical design and the set of the components.

The goal is to create removable modules that could switch the different types of payload:
1. DC MosFET module - switching and PWM of the 9-56V with 4A
2. AC MosFET module - switching and dimming (front and back-edge) of 230V 100W alternate current payload.
3. AC Triak module - switching and dimming of 230V 100W payload.

The biggest problem at this time appears when I connect lamps to the Triac module.
First, when the BTA208S600D triac was used, connected to the triac lamps were blinking ones at the moment when the triac was powered.
After I changed the triac to the BTA208S600F model, this blinking went out, but the glowing and dimming of the lamp became unstable.

Does anybody have ideas or remarks about the circuits?


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