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transparent and conductor material

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I am trying to do a transparent and conductor film with carbon nanotubes and also I know that using Aluminum doped Zinc Oxide you can get a transparent and conductor film.

Someone can help me to know how can I do these films?

Thank you very much,


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Maybe ask an Organic optoelectronics company/forum?

I don't think you can easily do vacuum metal deposition sputtering without specialised equipment.
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Yes, it requires specialized and expensive equipment to deposit those films.


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Yes, I know.

My problem is that find the price of Aluminum doped zinc oxide (AZO) in $/Kg and know I don't know how many kilograms I would need to create a film. I know that it depend on the film characteristic, but I need to know more or less. The thickness film there would be arround micro or milimeter.

If someone has an approximate idea... I would be really greatful,

Thanks for all.
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