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Transmitter not going up to full FWD Power

Discussion in 'Radio and Communications' started by Alex@Marvelworx, Mar 30, 2017.

  1. davenn

    davenn Active Member

    Sep 27, 2010
    Sydney, Australia

    hurts huh
    That was my introduction to RF awareness 30+ years ago. Had a good respect for it ever since.
    I was sitting in the car (stationary) and talking to some fellow amateurs on the 2 m band. The antenna was a gutter mount ( remember when cars had gutters ?) base loaded 5/8 whip.
    I casually stuck my hand out the window and was running my fingers along the gutter where I inadvertently grabbed the loading coil as I was transmitting. a nice scar across 3 fingers

    NEVER did that again haha

    Tho I did have a momentary lapse of attention about 10 years back when I put my thumb over the end of a 24GHz waveguide with 1W of power that started hurting after a couple of seconds
    OK... lesson 2 learn .... beware of concentrated low power in a waveguide !!!!


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