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  • Welcome to our site! Electro Tech is an online community (with over 170,000 members) who enjoy talking about and building electronic circuits, projects and gadgets. To participate you need to register. Registration is free. Click here to register now.

toshiba power supply

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Hey, I need that same power supply! Did you ever find one somewhere?
If so, where (online I hope).
In one of those toshiba models it had a capacitor that would short.
If you havent found the problem yet e-mail me back and I'll do a little more research on it.
Thanks anyway Doug. I checked all the components (including the caps) and found the FET Q801 was shorted across the gate and source and the zener diode (D808) on the gate was also shorted. I replaced D808 with a 6.8V zener and the FET FS3KM (a Mitsubishi part) and the DVD player started working again. Good thing too because if the IC that drives the gate Q802 (TA1319P) was bad I think I may have scrapped the board - couldn't find any info on that part number at all!

Thanks again
It looks like the Toshiba sd 2710 has the same power supply. I have the same trouble with the FS3KM and the zener diode. Who is your source for this FET FS3KM and do they have a different part number. Also the zener diode must have shattered when it failed, do you know the orientation of the diode.

I have the same power supply with the same problems. has anyone found a source of this IC. The local agents in Australia want an arm and a leg for it. Any equivlents?
Another PC-2700 dead as they come. On this one, T801 is literally smoking! I haven't checked anything yet, but it seems to be a manufacturer problem, and maybe they have a bulletin or something.

Also, no clear markings are visible on the fs3km (T801), and the question is: which fs3km is it. I'm new to electronics repair, and my guess is that the higher the better (to a point). Is this correct? I found a 9 A, and an 18 A, for the same 6.00 dollars price.
This N-channel FET from Mitsubishi - i mean - not a best choice: only 500V,3A and RDSon=4.5ohm! Apply IRF830 or 840.
There are other Ohm choices, but maybe the initial design IS the problem, and going IRF830-40 is better. Let me find the parts, compare, and figure this out. Like I said, this is a new world for me, as I've been involved at component level for only a couple of months, so I'm slow.
Toshiba DVD power supply board

Hi all,

I had the same problem with my Toshiba SD-2710, popped the fuse on the power board. Replacement board is $97!

Luckily I found your thread here, otherwise I would have had to hunt around on the board for the failed component. I quick check of the mosfet ond zener confirmed that they were the culprits.

I pulled the FS3KM-9A and zener D808 and replaced them with an IRF830 and a 6.8v zener.

Works like a charm now. $3 in parts!

Toshiba DVD power supply board


Can you share where you picked up these parts at? I'm looking for the same parts.

Toshiba DVD power supply board

Same problem here with my Toshiba SD 1700, a good machine till there was a power surge in a thunderstorm while watching Owning Mahowny. Your help was fantastic: $5 in parts from Chesters in Kenosha, WI. Only missing piece of info was the wattage of the 6.8v Zener diode. I went with a 0.5W (smallest available) & now it runs wonderfully. Thanks again guys!
sd 1700u player dead

I have got one at the moment that refuses to power up. I have replaced q801 with an IRF830 and diode 808 with a 6.8 volt zener diode as recommended by toshiba but still nothing. I did find that the culprits were the transistor and the zener diode that I did find shorted. Can someone give me some help on this? I also found an open fuse.One of the tech bulletins said to jump a 56 k ohm resistor across the gate to the ground of q801 if f801 and q801 were found bad.All other resistors and capacitors check good as well as diodes.
From the RepairWorld database (note -- format is "EQUIP TYPE - MFGR - MODEL - PROBLEM - SOLUTION):

VCR Toshiba SD-1700U low/distorted audio C928 100mf/16V & C929 100mf/16V

VCR Toshiba DVD SD-1700 Dead fuse blown Replace D-802 in pwr supply


VCR toshiba SD1700 dead replace d808,Q801,Q802

VCR TOSHIBA SD1700 DEAD Replace Q801(79050088),Q802(79040327)and D808(79060029) in the PS

VCR TOSHIBA SD1700 No audio and no front panel display Replace C928 16v100u

VCR TOSHIBA SD1700 No Audio Replace Main PCB

VCR TOSHIBA SD1700 DEAD replace Q801 with pn#79050088, and D808 with 30V Zener

There's enough commonality on the failed Q801/D808 pair, but there are also some others there to consider... :)
sd 1700 power supply

I have some strange problems with this one. As stated ;I replaced q801 with an iRF 830 then looked at voltage across diode 801 which read 0.890 volts.I then looked at diode 803 and 804 which read about 60.1 volts and back to 802 which read about the same as 801. I then found voltage across the fuse at about 58.1 volts on both sides of the fuse but it did not open. Changed out diode 801 and 802 with in4007 and voltage across fuse changed to 120.1 on one side but 0.343 on other side. All diodes ran about equal voltage(0.347) as well as open fuse. I then put in another fuse and it read open as well as soon as I checked it after powering it up.I need some help on this one.It also seems that capacitor 805 charges sometimes and sometimes it doesn't but it reads at about 86 uf.
toshiba SD1700U low distorted audio

My sd-1700U had both c928 and c929 bad.

I replaced them with 100uf 25v caps. What is causeing the high failure rate? Bad batch of caps or just wrong design parameters.

Anyway my customer will be happy,..his is fixed.

Heinlien (fixer)
I also had the same power failure with a Toshiba SD-1700 DVD Player, I'm currently in the process of ordering an IRF830 to replace the FS3KM FET, I know this thread is pretty old but I figured I'd post anyway to see if anyone else had the same problem on the Toshiba SD-1700 DVD Player.
Re: toshiba SD1700U low distorted audio

Heinlien said:
My sd-1700U had both c928 and c929 bad.

It's a well known fault, there's a modification for it - you should remove C928 (not needed) and replace C926, C927 and C929.

I've done an SD110EB this afternoon :lol:
toshiba power supply-zener diode

I made a separate post on this but nobody has responded as of yet. I cannot get the machine to power up with the 6.8 volt zener diode. I have tried orientating it both ways across r815 and r813 with no luck. However, if you cut it out of the circuit,it powers up.I have two units here with d808 placed near the transformer with the cathode end facing the transformer actually in a circuit by itself. The one that I am working on had it jumped across two resistors.
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