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Toshiba 46PX200ZE gone dark


New Member
I am trying to repair a toshiba 46PX200ZE led tv which has gone dark. It has a 64 led side backlight array which
I took out and found one of the leds
has gone bad as it would come on for a couple of seconds only. I photographed and discovered the bad led and tried to replace it with a 6.1 volt zener but it did not work. I had seen a video
suggesting this method.
I was able to light the leds by applying about 3 volts on each of them. Now I cannot do so, even though they pass the diode continuity test on the multimeter.
Do leds show this even if they do not light up?
What can I do to repair this array? Has the circuit before it (inverter?) gone bad? By the way the connector to this has 5 pins so assume there are four 16 sets of leds.
Is a circuit diagram of this available?

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