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Toroidal transformer vs induction coil (choke) confusion


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One of the other issues that I don't think he addressed is using another small transformer for the feed wire motor rather than it getting its power from the main transformer. Without that, when you pull the trigger it robs power to the motor causing inconsistent feed rates which may have contributed to the problem. Another interesting addition I saw was a guy who not only put a bleed resistor across the caps but put a momentary switch with an LED in line with the resistor. That way the caps don't bleed when he pauses welding but when he's done he holds the momentary switch which causes the led to come on and indicate that the caps are bled when the LED goes out.

I decided to use the bare toroid vs the transformer I had from a UPS only because it was a b***h to dismantle. I have no way to measure inductance but I've got to be at least as good as the guy who got 23 wraps around his and better than the guy who put 6 wraps around a small toroid core. The guy with the 23 wraps got to a value of 1.4 when he was shooting for 2 so I'm probably in the ballpark and that's gonna have to be good enough for government work.

So I don't blame the welder but the weldor in those pictures.
No doubt. Thanks for the reply. Hopefully this mod will give me a better tool to develop my technique with.

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