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Too much current burning my amp?

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when i was younger, i had made a portable amp using the tda2003 in a bridge config.It was powered by 12v of D dry cell batteries. Since i am as poor as a curch mouse, i got fed up by the cost of replacing the dry cells, that i connected up a 12v lead-acid 6.0ah bat. One of the chips then overheated and burnt out after bout 2 sec. thinking that it was a circuit problem,and being stupid, i remade the whole circuit and the same happened again. could anybody help me solve the problem? Thanx in advance. :)


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Is your IC bolted to proper heatsink? If not that is the reason why it is burning out. Or else there is other problem in your circuit.


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The current of amp. depend from output load, not depend from battery Ah capacity. Check the output parallel R-C (1ohm-100nF seriel) if not existiert or damaged, the amplifier oscillated about 100kHz...1MHz, and burn out. (the time depend from heatsink quality...)


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"burnt out" Smoked it?
I ran that bridge amp for years.
Those IC's get hot, but they have thermal shutdown circuitry.
Shutdown causes lots of distortion.
The amp was sensitive to excessive input signals.
The offset adjustment was sensitive also.


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i have a suitable heatsink, well, it worked well for my dry cell circuit anyway (salvaged from a nikko remote control car). I thought that it was the out put, and i replaced the 4ohm speaker with a 8ohm speaker. But the same happened. I dont see why it could be a circuit fault, as it worked for the dry cell circuit, but i rebuilt the circuit again with new parts, but again, the same happened. I will start from scrtach again as soon as i order another few of the chips.
put the d cells back in and see if it smokes. that will tell you if it's the bat. or not. You may have had a faulty circuit to begin with but nver noticed it becasause D cells suck ass. But when you got a good bat. ie. differnt charcteristics the problem is now noticable. But you have to go back to what you had before and see if it still works like it did.


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I need circuit diagram.... can anyone plz share


How do i make a digital amplifier which can give output to 6 speakers???

Do u knwo anywhere i can find an easy circuit or of u have one, plz send/post the diagram. I could find a simple one online yet!


Any help need, lemme know, just to tell am 17 and have just kept feet into the electronic world.

Take care all! God bless!

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