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To all professional! Please help me!

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Help me Please !!!

I'm a new student in the electronics, However, I'm studying engineering of Electrical & Electronics and I'm in National Diploma2....

Actually my project is: (Hall Lighting System with Counter)

There are tow LDR sensor one for count up and one for count down
in addition to that I'll use pic16F628 and two 7segment display. when the counter start count 1 to 99 the light will ON & when the display is 0 the light should be Off....

The problem:

Are the components of the circuit completed? Or I need something else?

I have a problem with the programming of pic16F628 if any body can help me in the programme.

What is the circuit diagram of it in ISIS?

What is the program of the circuit in the microcontroller?

Please if anyone can help me in this!!!! And this is my E-mail:

[email protected]

R.Jassim from B.H.R


Of course Rdragon we'll get right on doing your project fro you immediately.


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What do the LDR's do?
What is the frequency of the counter?
Are you using a relay for the output?
When we finish the project, we will hand it in under our name and cut you out completely.
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