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Timer0 of PIC18F452

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I am trying to create a counter for timing purposes using the 16-bit timer of the PIC18F452 with a 4MHz clock. However, everytime i try to assemble the code i keep getting this one error shown below:

Error - could not find definition of symbol 'main' in file 'C:\MCC18\lib/c018i.o'.

I google this error and tried a lot of the responses like setting the paths in Project > build > build option of MPLAB but still get the same error each time.

The code is attached. Can anyone help please.



mcc18? Sounds like you're using a C compiler to compile ASM.


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Error - could not find definition of symbol 'main' in file 'C:\MCC18\lib/c018i.o'.
This tells you that the problem is not with the code but with the way your project is setup.

The library path is not pointing to
C:\MCC18\lib where the c018i.o file is found

Did you create a project. If so look at
Microchip C18 Toolsuite>Default Search Paths & Directories

Make sure the lib path is set as above.


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Timer Update

Thanks 3vo,

I changed the diretories and that seemed to solved the ".o" error but getting two new errors:

Executing: "C:\Program Files\Microchip\MPASM Suite\MPASMWIN.exe" /q /p18F452 "TimerNew.asm" /l"TimerNew.lst" /e"TimerNew.err" /d__DEBUG=1
Warning[205] C:\DARRELL\TIMERNEW.ASM 38 : Found directive in column 1. (global)
Error[149] C:\DARRELL\TIMERNEW.ASM 38 : Directive only allowed when generating an object file
Warning[205] C:\DARRELL\TIMERNEW.ASM 40 : Found directive in column 1. (radix)
Error[149] C:\DARRELL\TIMERNEW.ASM 51 : Directive only allowed when generating an object file

The errors point to these tw3o lines:

global d_1_ms, d_10_ms, d_100_ms, d_1_sec


d_code code

from the intial attached notepad file containing the code. Any help with this please :(

Mike - K8LH

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I think Sceadwian is right, it looks like you're trying to compile a relocatable assembler source file. I don't use "relocatable" mode yet so I'm afraid I can't be much help telling you how to setup a "relocatable" assembler project.

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Timer Update.

Wel i knew there was an option between absolute and rellocatacble code and i choose absolute but knew nothing about that...was advised by a friend who knew more than me...but we are stuck here now...I founf this code online and change it up to my specifications...Any idea what to do from here now?...Taking a look at the MPASM manual at the moment to try to find something helpful.


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Timer0 Build Succeded


I finally got the code to build successfully after reading the article from:

Member Homepage for JWN-hotmail-f41

I posted the changes made...From this i gather that all this code does is generate a delay of 1 sec ... right? ... How to i use this to create a counter that will count from one to sixty then roll over to minutes then hours ... I am trying to create a counter to count the lenght of time a person stays on the phone...So my counter would be initiated when i realized the phone goes off hook and stops when the phone returns on hook.

From thinking it thru i think i would need to create something like this:

While (Off_Hook = 1) // When the phone is detected as being Off the hook
Initiate Timer
Keep running timer until On-Hook is sense.

How do i write this in code to display to an LCD???


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