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this is off topic :( i cann't access this website from room

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I only can access this web site using computer in school library, but i cann't access it from my room ??? it's quite inconvenient since the school is 20 mins walking distance away from my room. :(

the OS of computers in library is win 2k, and mine is WinXP (i have disabled all the firewalls), even my friend in the same housing area (we are staying in the school hostel) also facing the same problem (well, he is using WinXP). the problem doesnt exist if i use dial-up internet service.

LAN service in my room is provided by DAMOVO (UK).

Does anybody know how to solve this problem?

Thank you.


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You are going through either a firewall or proxy. Try pinging this server from a command prompt.

ping www.electro-tech-online.com

If you can't ping it you are probably being blocked. If you really want to know whats up, call the provider.
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