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The popups are getting ridiculous.


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I rarely ever get adds on my phone or pc. pc is firefox and phone android 10. I think I dont get them because I use a vpn for the internet for security, it has a tracker and add blocker on so I never get them, but on here I notice the vpn program runs the cpu harder on this site.


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I'm from South Africa. lol. Nothing works properly here in SA anymore including when I browse forums like this....even advertiser's don't bother targeting South Africans anymore. We're a waste of advertising time.


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Best way of avoiding popups is to browse without logging in, however unlike some competitor sites you are then blocked from viewing attachments! Perhaps ETO could fix that too!


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Your data is valuable. and is well known whoever you are ? kind of 1984 ish
A friend had a new windoze 10 laptop started it all off and after a few minutes possibly hours ! And with very little input from him. It looked just like his old machine , even to his wallpaper .faves and history .

Have you noticed how a lot of sites link momentaryly to facebbok as they open up ,and no i dont do FB.or Twit, or etc...

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