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The Parking lot control>>how to design?.. help me

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omani girl

New Member
Hi every budy

I have project about The Parking lot control..

The Description of the project:

In this garage parking there are two car gates entrance and an exit gate. A system is designed to enter cars and exit them with a limit of a hundred cars in the parking plots.

A load sensor and a photocell sensor regulate the in/out flow of the cars by controlling tow motors on the entrance and the exit gates. The photocell sensors count up and down the entering and the exiting cars and it gives a signal to a monitor to display to the drivers if there are or there aren’t any parking plots.

Moreover, there is a STOP switch to clear the counter and reset it to zero.

In this project i have to use atmega8 AVR microcontroller.. and i have to write the programm in C language as my doctor wants..

But really I don't know how to write the program and how the circuit will be design ..and how many sensors I will use!

So, any one can help me please?and i will be thankful for u.
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