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Suggestion for a Sensor


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I am going to start a project where I need to check that if the cricket ball is hitting on a particular area on ground second the speed of this cricket ball. I need one solution which can fulfill my two demands.
For this, I need a large area(200mm x 200mm)sensor with low power consumption and also it can tolerate the pressure of a ball.
Please give me some suggestions sensor for my application. Thank you.


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This can be done with a video camera and a Raspberry Pi computer.
Tracking an object is common with video. Most any camera will have 1000 x 1000 sensors.
How fast is a cricket ball? Computers watch base ball and hockey and foot ball (what ever type you like).


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Thank you for your reply.
I have thought about this thing using a camera and computer vision we can achieve this. Raspberry pi camera is not enough for it we need a good quality camera. but the main two limitations are the installation of the camera outside of the field. The second cost will be high cause camera plus + computer. That is why I was looking for an alternative.

How fast is a cricket ball? ]
It can be a maximum 170 km/hour

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