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Suggestion about Vizio E55oi-AO Powers on then powers off...

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Hi. Thought I'd see if anyone has had a power supply problem similar. My 3 year old Vizio E55Oi-AO Smart TV has worked just fine until yesterday. No storms or power surges. Just went to turn it on and it turned on to show the usual "V" on screen, the HDMI inputs showed briefly in the top right corner and then it powered down and turned off after about 15-20 seconds. Lights all off in back after power shut down. Unplugging hasn't reset.

If it seems like a power supply board issue, I have no problem ordering one and replacing.

Just thought I'd see what readers here thought first. Any reason to suspect anything else other than the power board?

Check all of the electrolytic capacitors on the power supply board first ! This is a very common problem with many flat screen TV's and monitors alike. Physical evidence of a bad electrolytic capacitor is a 'buldging' of the top of the capacitor, and if really bad, will show some seepage of the electrolyte inside of it. A good rule of thumb in such a case is to replace all of the larger electrolytic capacitors with good quality ones of the same value such as Nichicon manufactured caps..
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