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Stun gun switch and diode 914

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How does the 914 or INJ4148 work i can´t seem to fint it!

I have another question concerning the stun gun schematic by Mark Stoker...
Where is the switch...? how do you controle when you want to chock someone?
(pardon my bad english )


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The stun gun is always on... If someone touches the output his body will close the circuit (painfully).

INJ4148... I ain't sure but it comes close to a 1N4148 wich is a normal Si diode.


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If you want to put a switch in, put it directly after the positive on the battery. It could go other places but for logic reasons i prefer it to go where i suggested.

I cannot find the diode either. If anyone finds one can they tell me where to get it.



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Stun Gun Diode

After a quick look at the circuit...
Any small signal diode should work, it is only there to stop any transformer back-emf from upsetting the electronics.

1N914, 1N4148 - both small-signal silicon diodes (I think that was what was intended anyway) or...
I see no reason why a 1N4001 can't be used here :wink:
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