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Storing data in large memory on PIC devices

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Bear with me, I promise to stop making all these annoying posts soon. I'm almost done with my semester project. :p

I am trying to store significant amounts of data in a large store area on a dsPIC. I am not familiar with the types of memory other than that there are flash/ram or main/secondary storage. My application is this:
-Take lots of samples from ADC
-Store these samples in BufferA
-Perform computation on BufferA while ADC is storing new samples in BufferB
-Once calculations are done on BufferA, push out to DAC
-Once BufferB is full, return to step 3 and repeat

Can anyone describe how to store data such as this in large memory? Code examples would be great.

I can figure out the rest of the calculations. I need to perform FIR filters on the buffers so that is about how much time I require for buffering. I just don't know the C code involved in moving data into the right spots.

Gayan Soyza

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I don't think you need a such a memory.May be your total AD results will be in a 16bit register. Whats the AD resolution you performing? Actually D to A (DAC) for what? Whats this project?
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