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Stepper motor as a power generator


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I am experimenting with using a stepper motor on a diy vertical axis wind generator. It has two coils inside (6 wire; 2 are centre tap). My question is: Can I tie two coils together and connect the other two across my bridge rectifier? Will there be phase cancellation, there by reducing power output? I want to try this because then I only need to run two wires up the tower. (I could thenrectify near the batteries).


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The coils will give outputs in different phase relationships to each other; any linking will reduce the output

You can use two bridge rectifiers, one connected to the ends of each of the two separate windings.

Then parallel the DC terminals of the bridge rectifiers.

That should give a four pulse per cycle waveform that requires rather less smoothing, as well as only needing two wires.

Use suitably rated schottky diodes for the bridge rectifiers if you want the bet possible efficiency; they have significantly lower voltage drop than conventional diodes.


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Link 1
Some one had this idea: You have 3 coils while the picture has 4.
Here is a two coil picture:
Those pictures are for higher current and low voltage. Next is for higher voltage and lower current.


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Stepper motors come in many different flavors. Yes I agree with you that most have two coils. Even the 4 coil type are actually 2 coil.


No, not a 3 coil stepper ( per your message #3 )
No, not a 5 coil stepper ( per your message #5 )
The stepper described in message #1 is a 2 Phase ( A phase & B phase ) 6 wire stepper

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