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Spinning LED Matrix Bar

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I have no idea what these are called, maybe you can help me. They are a led matrix with like 8 LED's in a vertical line, which change there state based on a rotation. While the LED's move in a circle or a curve path, the LED's change state to create the illusion of graphics or text in empty space. Anyone know where you can buy one of these? or have information on them or what they are called? Thanks! (there usually expensive novalty items)


there are many things that you may be refering to but i would say tht you are most likely looking for a spining clock or something of the sort. There is another thing that may interest quite a few people though. It is called SpinFX. the link is www.sautec.com.au/spinfx it would be really interesting to build i do have to say.but good luck with your search


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Propeller Clocks

Also look at

Analogue and digital ...

I did see one with a much cleverer construction than this (no brushes) and simultaneous analogue and digital time as a display option but I can't find it again :(
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