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Spill coffee on my daugther's playstation PSP. Please help!!!

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Hello, yesterday, my daughter's psp received a cup full of coffe!! Now it's the end of the world for my little girl and it<s not a good news for my wallet!!! The psp comes on , the screen flikers and when trying to go into the menu it's extremely slow and i am unable to access anything on the memory stick. Is it scrapped? Do you guys have some tricks to clean it? TX for your help!
My wife who has already replace a hole case of psp 2001, oppened it , removed the lcd and then cleaned all she can with alcool, but there wasen"t much of coffee in it and it didn't change anything
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What I would do is try the memory stick on the computer to see if you still have the data. then I would open up the psp and take a moist q-tip and go over trying to remove and coffee. You may have to replace 1 or 2 parts but I'm sure its not completely broken since your menu comes up.
At worst contact sony if they'll repair it or someone who repairs consumer electronics.


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I think it'll be more helpful if you post hi-def pictures as well on the insides of that PSP. The contamination might be more visible to the ones who have an eye for this. ;)


Get yourself a can of compressed air, liquids and corrosion products can get caught under the legs of surface mounts so well that you won't even see it, it's capillary effect because the leads and chip clearances to the board as so small. Simply dabbing alcohol on there and wipeing if off could very well make it worse because common household alcohol is mostly water and that water will not go anywhere on it's own if it's not forcibly blown out.


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Get the battery out ASAP - that will stop corrosion.

Next - you need to clean out the coffee. Distilled water, alcohol - something clean.

After that, you need to clean out the water/alchohol. You'll want gentle heat (near a radiator?), and possibly compressed air.

I think you'll be able to save everything, although you may need a replacement screen.

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