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spice VS pspice

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i am in the 3rd sem in ECE engg
i would like to know which circuit design software i should try to learn , among the wide range of those that are available . i would also like to know why SPICE still is taught ,when PSPICE is a much easier option


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Simulation Program with Intergrated Circuits Emphasis (SPICE)

I haven't heard that for a while.

SPICE was the orginal for large mainframe computers. PSPICE, HSPICE, AND AllSPICE are commercial brands. PSPICE if a PC-based SPICE. As with all things, it is good to learn the orginals. Like I started with Windows 3.1, now to Windows XP. Without learning the basics of Windows in the first one, I would have been lost as Windows improved. So to make it short, PSPICE is just the same as SPICE, but it is for PC's instead of large mainframes.

Doesn't all thes spices sound like the spice girls??? :lol: :lol:


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spice (or spice3) is the generic program from which
other circuit simulation programs are derived.

The syntax of spice is carried to pspice also.
Pspice has a good schematic-capture interface,
so is more intutive to use.
spice is freely available so I think if you are starting
with circuit simlation programs, it is best to start
with spice.
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