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SPI "freezes"

Discussion in 'AVR' started by thebignoob, Aug 18, 2014.

  1. thebignoob

    thebignoob New Member

    Aug 18, 2014
    I have an issue with spi that freezes. I'm using atmega88 with nrf24l01 but when i try to test spi communication i get stuck.
    I initialize spi based on atmel specifications:

    Code (text):
    DDRB |= (1<<DDB5) | (1<<DDB3) | (1<<DDB2) |(1<<DDB1);
    SPCR |= (1<<SPE)|(1<<MSTR);
    And when I try to test out writing to spi (and print out to terminal ) i get stuck looping... ( i have usart initialized and used without any problems)

    Code (text):
    char spi_rw(unsigned char x)
        SPDR = x;  
        //get stuck in this while loop
        while(!(SPSR & (1<<SPIF)));
        //printing to terminal after get's out of loop but never go out  
        return SPDR;
    I'm trying to read STATUS register:

    Code (text):
    uint8_t get_reg(uint8_t reg)

        CLEARBIT(PORTB, 2);    //CSN low so nrf start listen for command
        spi_rw(R_REGISTER + reg);  
        reg = spi_rw(NOP);
        SETBIT(PORTB, 2);    //CSN IR_High nrf do nothing now
        return reg;  

    I try calling get_reg(STATUS) and passing it to usart to print out resultand I get nowhere since code stuck in while loop.

    P.S. i use this simple functions to set and clear bits

    Code (text):
    #define BIT(x) (1<<(x))
    #define SETBITS(x,y) ((x)|=(y)))
    #define CLEARBITS(x,y) ((x) &=(~(y)))
    #define SETBIT(x,y) SETBITS((x), (BIT((y))))
    #define CLEARBIT(x,y) CLEARBITS((x), (BIT((Y))))

    Thanks in advance, any help would be greatly appreciated. :(

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