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Sourcing surface mount high current connector

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Hi All
I'm having a dilemna at the moment, I have designned a battery balancing circuit and need connector for this that are rated at 10A max per contact perivously I used a SAMTEC IPBT connector which met my requirement the only problem was the height with the connector and the mating half had a height that was a lot greater than the height of the mechanical enclosure this PCB is going into. Can anyone please help me with this. The connector needs to be specifically surface mount, and needs to come to height of 20mm with mating half included (goes to cables). I was thinking even right angled connectors would be suitable.

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I think TE (what used to be Amp) has some SMT connectors for high current. If I recall correctly, they always say they are for LED lighting applications. Have a look through their stuff but I think LED lighting is the key terminology.
Hi thanks for the suggestion unfortunatley the ones from TE and other sources don't have the 10A rating per contact they go to a max of around 7.5 but I do appreciate the suggestion if you can find any please feel free to post a link here.


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Have you looked into any blade-type power connectors? I believe that those are very common for high power battery connectors. I believe that TE and Samtec both make blade-type connectors which should meet your requirements. Samtec rates their 5mm blade connector at 30A, but I don't know if they have any surface mount options. TE does have surface mount options for 5mm blade-type connectors, but they don't list a current rating. If the Samtec ones are rated at 30A, though, I would think that the TE ones would be comparable.


Typically high power connectors like this tend to be through hole rather than surface mount for increased mechanical stability.


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I have to concur with the thru hole approach. 1/8" spades terminals should do the job. I use 1/4" spades for much higher currents as found in automotive apps.
I have seen spade connectors get ripped out a PCB (taking the copper trace with it) if the bottom of the conenctors aren't soldered in and just the topside is soldered. A tight fit with the female receptacle can cause that upon disconnection.
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