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high power

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    Sourcing surface mount high current connector

    Hi All I'm having a dilemna at the moment, I have designned a battery balancing circuit and need connector for this that are rated at 10A max per contact perivously I used a SAMTEC IPBT connector which met my requirement the only problem was the height with the connector and the mating half had...
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    IR transmitter comparison

    hey guys, I hope all is well. I have a question about the following two schematics. One is a high power IR transmitter and the other is a long range ir transmitter. When I look at them both I feel like they're doing the same thing just in a different way. Would I be correct to assume that they...
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    20Khz+ PWM high-wattage LED producing too much heat

    I'm working on dimming a high-wattage LED (50W--12V/4.17amps) with a 3.3V micro-controller. The solution that has worked so far is by using a low-side (PNP) MOSFET to drive the LED and a NPN transistor to drive the MOSFET via the 3.3V signal from the MCU. At 488hz PWM I can dim the LED light...

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