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sound sensor

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hi there.....cause i am new in robotics..i wonder if anyone could help me with a sound sensor.i main project will be a robot tha could follow(track) a sound at about 1khz.i would be very greatful if anyone have to suggest any solution for how can i manage to do this.thanks for your time....george


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Sound tracking

The people at "http://www.restena.lu/convict/Jeunes/RoboticsIntro.htm" have done a sound tracking robot.

Are you using the Lego RCX? If so, what have you done, and how has it worked?

Me, I am only at the stage of simply testing the sound sensor. I first tried a version of "http://oase.uci.kun.nl/~mientki/Lego_Knex/Lego_electronica/Sound_sensor.htm" --- and it works, and is very sensitive to sounds. So i'm still tinkering.

How bout yourself?
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