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SOP20, SSOP20 adapter pcb

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Usually I get my supplies from Aliexpress, but recently I needed an adapter for SOP20 wide version of an IC; after searching Aliexpress and others and not finding a propor adapter board I decided to make my own.
I made one side for SOP20(wide body) and the other for SSOP20. Can be used for these IC form factors with any number of pins up to 20. Anyone interested can just pm me for the Gerber files. Private use only please.

PS: I see the title does not reflect "SSOP20", too late to change, sorry


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Made at Elecrow, can't emphasize enough their excellent service and product quality!

I have enough boards to last a few lifetimes, anyone interested? Just send a selfstamped envelope, I hope our postal service won't mind foreign stamps.

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