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Someone Please Help me!!!

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Ok, so I'm pretty new at this, last time I etched a board was in highschool and I can't remember much. But this is what I need and I hope someone can help me. I'm pretty sure I can build the board given the layout and what I should do.

I want to create a board that has 6 different pressure sensitive switches that when pressed (one at a time,) will display either a letter or a number on an alpha-numeric 1 or 2 digit display. The switches need to display the numbers 1 through 5 and the last switch if pressed, displays the letter R. Also, if no switch is pressed, the LCD displays the letter N. It needs to be 12 volt also.

If someone thinks they can help me email me please.



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dear friend

i can help you if you use microcontroller in your project

and if you need any help about lcd and microcontroller you cand found mor information
in this link



S :shock: KRAT


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logic circuit?

well, i'm new too and i don't know either my advice is relevent or not. you can use a logic circuit for your board. many books on logic circuit you can use for revision.



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If you want to use logic gates then Karnaugh Maps/Quine Mccluskey reduction techniques are the best way to get the things running out of minimal logic gates. Write down your system equations and reduce them and implement your circuit.
If you want more information on Karnaugh Maps/Quine Mccluskey techniques refer Digital Electronics Textbook by Malvino Leech.
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