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Some advice for the final step of the haardware design of Scanalogic 2

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Some advice for the final step of the hardware design of Scanalogic 2


some of you here know that i am working on scanalogic 2 (the second version of this logic analyzer SCANALOGIC: easy to build high performance logic analyzer)

The problem is that i want to add some protection between the probes and the inputs of the logic circuits and the Micro controller.

I want to add something like 100K resistors at the input, but i am afraid it would affect the propagation delay as i am working on 25 MSPS.

I cannot post the schematic now, but the probes feed directly a 74374 D-Latch and an ATMEGA88 µC. and i want to add resistors inbetween the probes and the rest of the circuit.

Is is a good idea? what value should i use? is there another better practice?

(i don't think i can afford a buffer IC in terms of footprint space on the PCB...)

Thanks a lot for your advices...
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