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Soldering surface mount chips

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Hi all,

I will soon need to solder an 144-LQFP microcontroller on a PCB I'm about to order (ExpressPCB).

I'm wondering if anybody knows about a company offering such a service. I live in Montreal so if there is a place there where I can drop the parts and have the work done, it would be great.

Otherwise, maybe a place where I can ship the parts and receive them back once the job is done.

Or maybe some of you guys who is equipped, talented, and willing to do such a job.

Any ideas, suggestions ?

Thanks a lot !

mvs sarma

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some college labs, mobile phone service people,and few other equipment service persons, like desktop motherboard service, can do such soldering for you. There might be many such locations,right where you live. they generally use hotair gun and other facilities.
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