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soldering jumper wires (ie. 2 protoboard holes together)

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when i solder a component to the board, i have no trouble, i heat the board circle (name?) and the component and then apply the solder, as per all the tutorials i've read.

however, when it comes time to join two of those holes together, i have alot of trouble. the solder wants to bead on the holes rather than join the 2 leads.

any one have any suggestions on this matter?



The copper 'circles' are called 'pads' or 'lands'.

Do I understand that you are trying to bridge two of these across the PC board? If so, you won't have much success because the surface tension of molten solder tries to make the solder globule into a sphere.

If you want to bridge two pads to make a connection, lay a piece of bare copper wire between them. (Strip off some hookup wire). You will find that the solder will creep along the wire by capillary action.

Better still, when you insert a component, bend the lead over to the pad you want to connect it to.

Best of luck!
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