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Solar Router & POE

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I have a question, hopefully yall will be able to help me with... :) I am going to install an wireless antenna on a 45 ft. pole because its the only way to get internet where i am, since there is a slight mountain in the way of the access point. So in other words I cant get a good signal... What im going to try to do instead of running an underground power cable 800 ft to the pole, im going to go with a Solar Panel and a car battery to power the POE "Power Over Ethernet" and the wireless Point to Point antenna that will be pointing to my house, which i will have a good line of sight.... All in all I shouldnt be going over 3 Amps. There is a website where a guy has done a similar project here: YourGreenDream - Homemade solar power wireless modem and router project. I think it will work just fine. What do you think? Do yall know if there is any other website where I can get some more ideas? I get everything that I need except the part where he shows the schematic of the voltage regulator, can I just purchase this instead of making one? If so where? And have yall ever had any experience with this sort of thing? Any help will be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks.


Power over ethernet is max about 60 volts, the full circuit resistance of 24 AWG wire over 800 feet is a little over 80 ohms you wouldn't even be able to draw a full amp. Better start running power =)


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What AP or Bridge are you planning on using?

Is 45' high enough to provide you with a minimum of 60% of the fresnel zone?

What is the distance between antennas, have you allowed for the curvature of the earth in your height calculation?

What kind of antenna are you planning on using? What gain does it have?
I would recommend a yagi or better yet a dish type.

Have you calculated your required gain and eirp to get back to your AP at the required data rate?

What is your acceptable link loss/ free space loss?

There are other things to take into account as well before going to the trouble of installation of a mast.

I'm not trying to pour cold water on your idea, but to be successful with this you need to be sure of a few things before you go to all the trouble of erecting a mast and making the investment.
Wireless AP's or Bridges often have more than one way to power them, is PoE the only possibility with your AP/ Bridge?
Normally the only cables running on the mast would be the antenna coax, no power goes to the mast. The AP or Bridge is inside a cabinet or building well away from extremes of heat and weather.

My last points would be simply to make absolutely certain that you have two Fibre Tranceivers and at least 1 meter of fiber cable in the ethernet link back to your house. Make sure you also fit a lightning arrestor to the antenna and ground the mast.

Of course the fiber will only be required if you are running a cable back to the house, if you are planning on using the AP/ Bridge in repeater mode you won't need the fibre, but understand that in repeater mode, your throughput will be drastically reduced.

In repeater mode, you also have the added complexity that will bring to take into consideration. Would probably be better to use 2 powered hubs and ethernet segments back to the house and use your PoE idea to power them.

I hope this gives you some food for thought...



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Basically my internet service provider has done all of the work on all of the antenna and internet stuff... See there is a POE but it has a draw of something like 1 amp cause all it is doing is powering an antenna and radio. There will be a point to point router/antenna that will be beaming to my house and it is only going to draw about an amp or so.... Lets just say a total of around 3-4 amps just to be safe... I have seen a few websites that are talking about doing the same thing. It isnt going to be cost effective for me to run cable, just too expensive for me. Im thinking a 50-60 watt solar panel running down to a deep cycle battery also there will be a charge controller there to keep the panels from overcharging the battery. Then im going to need either a invertor or a couple of voltage regulators to regulate the voltage to the specs of the router/antennas... Am I thinking correctly on this??? I was wondering if this would work ...
Amazon.com: Sunforce 50044 60-Watt Solar Charging Kit: Automotive

If so the only thing that I would need would be a battery and a inverter or voltage regulators

Any ideas?
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