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Solar energy production

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Please can anyone send me an e-book with details and if possible, a step-by-step process and images on how to build a 100whr solar panel and inverter to power a little project I am handling. Any form of help will be highly appreciated. Thanks


100whr is energy, you have to mentin in terms of power. whats the maximum power demand you have? what kind of inverter? voltage level ext?


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The correction

Mbarazeen thanks 4 replying. The system that I am talking about should be capable of supplying 100w of power per hour for about 12-18 hours. That should be about 1200w to 1800w a day at a voltage of 220 or 240Volts. I hav not made the choice of my inverter. In all, the panel and the inverter (the choice of the inverter) should be capable of supplying 1200w or 1800w a day at a voltage of 220Volts. Any help from you will be highly valued.


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You should get your units right, please!

It's 100 W.

If that is run for 12 - 18 hours per day, that adds up to 1200 Wh to 1800 Wh per day.

You will only get full power for a few hours per day. Are you going to want to store energy to be able to run the load all the time?
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