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Snake game led matrix 8*8 pic16f1937


New Member
Hi there.I have my snake code in c which works perfectly, but i dont know how to display the snake on my matrix using pic16f1937 uc.I thought that i have to use interrupt function but have no idea how to turn on exactly the fruit led and snake's leds. My snake is a vector of x and y components(snake[].x,snake[].y).
Some ideas?Thanks in advance!

Nigel Goodwin

Super Moderator
Most Helpful Member
If you check my PIC tutorials there's an example for an 8x8 LED matrix, this uses timer interrupts to create the display, you simply write what you want to the memory for it, the interrupt routine does the rest. It's written in Assembler, but Ian Rogers has done C versions.


New Member
Ok i understood but how to use multiplexing for my snake?Whenever an interrupt occurs i display just one part of my snake?

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