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Smd Pcb

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For a SMD PCB made at home, how do you make the sockets or the frame for the components since they do not require holes.


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A steady hand and good eyes (or a better pair of glasses in my case!!) is how I do it !, good luck. Karl


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If the question is how to solder a part that moves around, like an 805 resistor, on a homemade board with no solder mask, I use a couple of aids.

1) A small dot of paste flux helps.
2) After flux, a small dot of solder on one pad. Place component and then heat that pad. The component will float into position.
3) A small dot of cyanoacrylic adhesive (super glue) between the pads. Use a tapered wire (about 0.032) diameter to add the small spot of glue. The heat of soldering will get rid of most of the CA; if a little is left, it won't matter in most cases.

Also, a little beer helps steady the hands. A magnifying visor is essential at my age too.



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A quick word of caution with the super glue, when mixed with the heat of the soldering iron, it will give of fumes that are quite strong and no doubt harmfull, procede with caution and ventillation.
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