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Smartsonic specification in smoke alarm

Discussion in 'IoT - Internet of Things' started by Hellmut1956, Jan 22, 2018.

  1. Hellmut1956

    Hellmut1956 New Member

    Aug 20, 2013
    My landlord has delivered today the smoke alarms he has to supply by law. The Model is the "Genius-Plus" Smoke-Alarm from "Hekatron". Sadly I only found a page in German, but the translation-function of Google will help! The "Plus" model only support ultrasonic communication with an app that runs on apple and android phones. My request for support:

    I am trying to find the specification of the ultrasonic "smartsonic" link so that I can have it decoded on an ESP32 board. The landlord did not want to supply the more expensive "X" version that support wireless communication. But all the wireless smoke alarms share the problem that they cannot establish wireless communication to a "central control unit" as the walls and floors of the house we live in prevents this. We use multiple wireless access points at the individual floors in our house to have WLAN available everywhere!

    The ESP32 has examples of detecting the sound alarm when a smoke alarm fires and pass the message to our WLAN. So my intention is to place the microphone so that it detects the sound alarm and the ultrasonic communication from the smoke alarm. Every ESP32 unit services one of the 10 smoke alarms in our house and uses our WLAN to communicate with each other and to the cloud. I have the ESP32 units with an OLED display and each will activare a sound alarm and display where the sound alarm was triggered.

    Of course, the GUI will have to offer the options required to the user. So really what I hope for is to find somebody who is familiar with the "smartsonic" communication link used by the supplier "Hekatron"!

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