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Sin Wave Oscillator

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I see that you mention circuits from Antoon, here is one of his Wien-Bridge oscillators that I've built. The output on a CRO is a very good Sin wave. The schematic and a pic of the CRO showing the output is attached.

The question:

Can I use this output, either through an amplifier then a step-up xformer or just a step-up xformer to get a higher voltage to use elsewhere ? I need to maximise the current according to the output device capacity (amplifier or xformer). I've measured 9V with a multimeter on the output, but the scope shows a lot less.

Assistance welcome and appreciated..

Nigel Goodwin

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What are you trying to do?.

Assuming it's make a main inverter it's a poor way to go about it, as it's VERY inefficient.

But an amplifer feeding a transformer would be required.


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Hi Nigel: Yeah, I did not give any info, SORRY. I'm trying to make an "inverter" but not for mains replacement. I'm looking at the electronics part of a joint effort to produce HHO gas. The idea is to use 12V DC in a vehicle, "invert" to a Sin wave, stepup voltage and half-wave rectify the final output to retain the "pseudo pulses". A fair bit of energy is required to make any meaninfull gas volumes so I would need some hefty input for a decent wattage output. The more voltage, the lower the output amps across more plates in the electrolysis reactor cell. I don't want to discuss HHO gas here, I'm the electronics maker in this joint effort but don't have a lot of experience, thus the question. Does this help more ?


Is this in the hope it will improve the fuel economy of your vehicle?

It won't, if anything it'll make it worse.


Ahh, another user that thinks they can violate thermodynamic law =)

mang, did you know... Seriously, did you know that you can burn ANYTHING? Diamond burns, water burns. EVERYTHING burns if you heat it up enough, of course the heat energy required to burn most things is above the energy you can get out of actually burning them.
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