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Simple Switch Type Question

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I recently purchased a netbook and I'm working on adding an external antenna for the wireless card. My problem is that I don't want to completely eliminate the internal antenna. Normally I'd just take an SPDT switch and call it a day.

However, upon tear-down of the computer I found that there are two separate antennas on the stock card. I can't just hook them together on the SPDT, they need to have seperate poles. I'm not sure of the correct switch to use here.

I need one that will allow me to have two positions, one with both internal antennas having continuity, and then one with the single external antenna having continuity.

Any ideas?

Thank you.


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i would not recommend connecting your rf out to a switch at all other than a proper rf switch. you will loose considerable power and cause interference.


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I second morseindustries' recomendation.

You are working with 2.4GHz, which requires specialized wire and switches for that frequency. A normal SPDT switch would work very poorly, if at all, for that. Unless you have an external antenna especially designed for your card, I would not mess with it. Chances are, anything you do otherwise will make the reception worse than the original, built-in antennas.
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