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Simple SD DVR 12v

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I have a (VIVOTEK) video system 12v.
I want to have a small simple and cheapish 12v DVR w/sd card, parallel to my current system. Feed from the same camera. So I can power up and record to SD card at any time. It needs to be a simple system, a couple of button push max and you're recording. Setting it up can involve some modifications, the most important is that it's simple and fast to use.

Eachine ProDVR Pro DVR Mini Video Audio Recorder for FPV Multicopters could be one way to go, will involve some modification and 12v --> 5v converting.


Portable Mini DVR Digital Video Recorder, 1-Channel Video and Audio Input/Output, MicroSD Card Camera Connection

Any other ideas?

dr pepper

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You can get r/c dvr's, the kind of thing you'd put in a r/c plane, maybe something like that would do you.
So long as you can connect the grounds together and the leads are not that long you might get away with connecting 1 cam to 2 recorders.
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