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Simple remot controll using rf

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I recently got this idea to build a simple little rc transmitter and reciver and use it as remote. My idea how this would work: A transmitter operating at aprox 50mhz (is that legal?) and a reviver. This thing would be a two-channeled thing (two different outputs wich go high on the reciver when two different buttons are pressed on the transmitter).

Now for the channels. I would use two different ocillators that i would input in the transmitter (choosed by a on-off-on witch). Channel 1 would be let's say 1khz and channel 2 would be 4khz. Now at the revicer i would have two different RC-filtters. One that would let past 1khz and another one that would let past 4khz. And after them i would place a diode and a small capasitor and then feed this into an opamp wich would compare the voltage and then output high or low at the output.

Now i'm asking if this is this possible? Comments, ideas, help, other feedback or any simple RF oscillator/reciver shematics (those i don't tink i would be able to design myself) are wery welcome!


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In general what you've described is possible. How legal it is depends on power levels (among other things) and where you live.


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I think it would be more easy to use a MCU with an integrated RF transceiver, like the nRF24E1 from Nordic VLSI (www.nvlsi.com). It has a lot of useful features, so it'll save time, and it works within the 2.4 - 2.5 free ISM band. You can also use a RF power amplifier, you'll find an application note on the website.


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Have a look at the HOLTEK website , a good range of rc devices and applications notes.
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