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Simple PWM Circuit For Lamp Dimming, etc., Improves On 555 PWM Circuits 2017-01-29

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crutschow submitted a new article:

Simple PWM Circuit For Light Dimming, Motor Control, etc. Uses One IC Package
- PWM modulator circuit has few parts, generates 0% to 100% duty-cycle from pot or voltage control

Note this article is being updated----

PWM can be useful for light dimming of lamps, motor control, or other applications where an efficient way to vary current or voltage is desired.

This circuit uses only two inexpensive comparators, such as in one LM393 package or one-half of a LM339 package along with seven passive components (besides the three in the optional pot control circuit), to generate a PWM signal with a duty-cycle that can be controlled from 0% (full off) to...
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