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simple helmet to helmet intercom for motorcycle

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I am looking for schematics to build a simple helmet to helmet intercom for motorcycle communication from driver to passenger and viceversa. Either simplex or duplex. Voice activated or not.
If anybody has or knows of a diagram would you please email me and point me in the right direction. I seldom log in here and found this site by chance doing a search on Google - I don't know if I'll find it again :)
My email is Pico_Candombe at hotmaill dot com



You can buy the headsets that mount premanantly into the helments. They are VERY expensive!!! A DIY unit would be much cheaper, but I wouldn't know where to start getting the parts. It's a great project though. Let us know if you come up with anything.


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Intercoms that mount into the helmets are expensive because ones that work well aren't simple. Wind resistance, VOX, noise cancellation, and interconnection are all serious engineering challenges. When you're done with that, the user wants to integrate CB radio and stereo music!

It has a lot in common with aircraft headsets, so you might look into some used or reconditioned avionics equipment. It won't be cheap either.

Asking us to work your problem through email or PM is a disservice to the rest of the readers who would not benefit from the work that's normally shared in the forums.


Actially, I pay $160 for my helment systems, and thery are not all that great. And that's just for the mic and speakers. Wind noise interferes so much, that I usually don't use them. I think I could do alot better for alot less money if I put in the time to just find the components and wire them up myself. So far, I've just been too lazy to do it.


At that distance (driver - passenger) why not use two carbon mics and two earphones and one or two batteries.
A short breakaway cable to connect and power the series circuit.
Cables attached/leaving at waste, I guess.
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First of all, avoid the cheap ones that are advertised for about $50. If you insist on buying one of those, please send me the $50 instead and I'll send you a rock from my garden that will work just as good as the cheapos.

Frankly, I'd look at the Cardo Scala Q2 Bluetooth intercom system. It's getting decent reviews and you don't need wires. I think building a simple system is not going to end up being that simple.


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Anyone look into a bicycle shop or KB Toys for a system ? Not pricey and decent reception. Most M/C shops have a nice ststen that's not too much $$ - or you can get one of the "better" ones for a lot more $$$. Try e-Bay ....
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