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simple AM transmission problem

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the physeacyst

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I am making a replica of a simple transmission and reception radio
similiar to the one here Chapter 4: Radio
but i have some questions
1. If the transmission and reception is done on the same computer will it interfere?
2. I used a stripped Serial cable from a phone modem and connected the oscillator to the light blue and green wires as per the data sheet and also connected a beeper in parallel to check its working (and it beeps)
but the problem is when i try to recieve i recieve nothing and some random letters appear in the CW get software screen

If this system is bit unreliable can nyone suggest much better soln


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Alright, it's a 1MHz AM transmitter!

You need to post a diagram of what you've done for better understanding and explain what data you tried to send and how??

Which software you use?

the physeacyst

New Member
am transmission problem

the circuit diagram is exactly same as the one on the website (the link is provided)

I use CW type for transmission
and CW get for reception and decoding

I sent a text file through CW type (in morse code)

But the funniest part is i tried to know whether my oscillator was working
and connected a DC convertor (5 v 1A)output to the pins corresponding to 4 and 5 and the radio actually recieved pulses(remember the dc convertor sends current in pulses) of signal near the 1 mhz mark
but when i switched off the power supply and connected the serial cable and lol nothing happens in the region

also nastily the CW get software seems to decode signals (random letters)even when the radio is not connected to it

I suppose it is because of interference inside the computer

Also my house seems to improperly earthed as i recieve a nasty shock when i touch the antenna of the oscillator


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I suppose it is because of interference inside the computer
No, it is because that circuit is far too poorly designed, and I would not even try to improve on such a dismal design. Your best bet is to find a better circuit that has some hope of working.
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