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Should I junk a shorted electrolytic cap?

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I was careless and hooked up a 2200uF 50V electrolytic cap by the wrong polarities. Naturally it went pop and burnt out a nearby narrow track. I tested the cap with a 24V feed and it seemed to hold the charge but I've replaced it with a new one. Should I junk the shorted cap?

Meanwhile, a 7812 regulator in the circuit seemed to have gone kaput as well. The output voltage was more than 15V instead of 12V plus. I junked it just in case as my project voltage limit is around 12V.


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of course, at least you have now seen a blown cap. and have also experience that when a regulator like the 7812 no longer gives the rated voltage, its kaput :D :D


The only reason you might want to keep a blown capacitor, is to dissect it to see what's inside.
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