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Sheilding My Tranceiver

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How could i sheild my tranceiver, i have it next to my computer as i need it for the software that i am using with it. The main problem is that whenever i move the mouse it will make a buzz noise over the radio speaker which means that the computer is giving off certain signals which shouldnt be happening. The software that i use is WinPSK 21.1 it is similar to a message service and it sends it over the radio digitaly the wire that i am using for my antenna is just insulated solid core wire. Could someone please give me some help doing this THANKS!


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Things I'd consider doing.

Run a coaxial cable from the transceiver to a remote antenna. Remote is a relative term. If your antenna is within 5 ft of the computer then move it 10 or 20 ft away. The antenna is one pathway for the RF from the computer to get into the radio. The wire connecting the antenna to the transceiver is another. The coax has a braid that sheilds the antenna wire, in a manner of speaking.

Make sure the transceiver is well grounded.

Any other wires to/from the transceiver must be protected - they can be antennas too. Power supply wiring could be filtered for RF but make sure the filter is right at the transceiver.

Is the transceiver itself well sheilded? If you took any cover off, put it back on.

The various wires to/from computers behave as antennas. You can purchase snap on ferrite cores that help attenuate RF that is crawling along the cables.

These are the things I'd do, one at a time, to see if the problem can be solved.


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i think that the problem is because the wire from the mouse is not shielded.
most mice don't have shieleded wire. also if you turn your speakers loud you can hear the same noise made by the mouse. i experimented with a different type of cable, i mean that i removed the cable from the mouse and replaced it with a shielded one......and no more noise. stiill with all the volumes at max, i can hear it a bit.
also try to put the transciever so that the wire of the antenna is prependicular to the wire of the mouse.
you can also try to power the transciever from another source than the one you power the computer.
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