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sharing CE of ram with radio module clock input.

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I am using a DIP IC 628128P as my ram with pin 30 (CE2) to VCC and pin 22 (CE1) to a GPIO pin of a microcontroller. Based on my circuit board design, the only GPIO pin I can use for the SPI interface (to a 3rd party radio module) is the same as that used to enable/disable the ram.

The microcontroller is AT89S52 and I'll be driving it with a 22.1184Mhz crystal so I can interface it with a PC. Even though the radio modules (which I found at http://futurlec.com/Radio.shtml) are expected to deliver 115kbps data, my application only needs no more than 9600kbps

If I were to buy a radio module from http://futurlec.com/Radio.shtml, which would be legal to import and use in Canada?

Also, other than enabling/disabling the ram, is there any side effects to the ram if I constantly toggle the CE pin at a high rate (of say 1Mhz speed)? I never attempt to make access to ram while the clock to the radio module is running.
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