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Serial Mouse - Suitable Microcontroller?


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Dear Friends,

Let me introduce myself as a KID in Embedded Programming and just now joined in this group. This kind of Forum was my long pending dream. It is fulfilled. Thanks to Administrators for this Forum.

I am a beginner in Embedded Programming. I have assembled a Serial Mouse using PIC16C54 (Microchip). But I don't have any Programming kit for Microchip Controllers. As a home hobbyist I am not in a position to buy a Microchip Programmer kit and Software. Using MPASWIN, I have compiled the source code. Is there any simple way to program the chip?

But I have an ATMEL STK500 Programmer kit. How to select the ATMEL Microcontroller for this Serial Mouse controller application? Any suggestion in selecting the right microcontroller for this application is appreciated.

Thanking in advance,



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For cheap PIC programmers visit

If you want to use Atmel uC in place of PIC, select one from the "Selector Guide" ( http://www.atmel.com/dyn/products/param_table.asp?family_id=607&OrderBy=part_no&Direction=ASC ) which best suits your application. Do not go for a high-end controller if you are not going to use any of its high-end peripherals like ADC/DAC, PWM, RTC and all that stuff. If simple I/O is what you need, select those having only that much. No big stuff.


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Your suggestion helps me to go ahead

Thank you Mr. kinjalgp,

Your suggestion helps me to go ahead. The site you mentioned (www.olimex.com/dev/index.html) is useful to me. Once it is done, I will share my experience and project here so that others also will be benfitted.


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