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SDR Radio Selection

Tony Stewart

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PERHAPS they changed access to members ONLY. (not free) as indicated on my link

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Generating precision signals
using an ATtiny micro


Software Defined Radio

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but easily searchable on web ... Tony
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Tony, I believe you are correct about the change in access permission. Mike and I solved the problem yesterday.


Tony Stewart

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ok Thanks for that. I have the pdf now, FWIW.

It is very comforting to chat with like-minded masters of their craft with similar broad experience. Happy New Year

... and also had interesting punch card experiences.
I recall Fortran 101 by the card reader, the young lady taking the stack of cards was exceptionally well-stacked herself.

We didn't mind all the learning curve errors and ... getting back in line again.



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Hi Jp, did you ever decide on what to go with? I was wondering how well the SDR would be in implementing a Spec An, any thoughts on that?


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Re: SDR I have been watching advertisements and listings.
As for other things, I have been occupied with synchronizing a DS3231 RTC with WWVB and some other things like HBP.

I suggest the SDR Play! The SDRUno software has a SLOW learning curve, at least in my case. I own several SDR receivers and have used numerous softwares to operate them with. So it is not like I am unfamiliar with similar units, I think that the SDR Play RSP hardware is a GREAT piece of equipment for the money spent, in short, it is a fantastic value. But the Software leaves a lot to be desired, in user-friendliness. It is not at all intuitive. I used HDSDR to operate the SDR-Play RSP and had wonderful results. I am still learning many of the nuances of operating this receiver. I have several SDR units of different types and brands and several Software packages. I find that most SDR boxes are about the same unless you get into units costing 3 to 4 figures at which time lots more design and hardware come into play. The software, on the other hand, is pretty much similar in all units, all being processor hungry! on your computer. I have used some of the Shareware software on the $1000.00 class hardware and it works not much different than it does on the $10 Dongle! SDR# works well on the ones it runs on, HDSDR works on almost everything out there. The high dollar software and some of the hardware is tied almost inseparably to its counterparts such as the HP, Agilent, Keysight systems which I have used and one which I own. HP or whatever they are calling themselves this week seems to want to hold you up for a "LICENSE!" for different frequency ranges even after you buy their WAY OVERPRICED packages. I for one will not ever go down that road again. At the time I bought the Agilent package, as I needed it for a contract, but since I have bought a Signal Hound for my current efforts. That said the SDR-Play does 90% of what I need in this venue and costs less than $200 U.S. and can be had for under $100 U.S. if you do some looking around. Out of the box, the SDR-Play does what every dongle claims to do without any soldering or tinkering around. I love to solder and tinker around so there is a lot of pleasure and feeling of accomplishment to be had going the Dongle path not to speak of saving a hundred dollars or so. However, the SDR-Play has one thing the Dongles are sorely lacking that is tuned frontend filters that are switched in according to what band you are operating it in, almost eliminating image issues entirely. This one thing made me buy the SDR-Play while I have built tuneable frontends for the Dongles there is a lot to be said for the ease of just changing frequency without having to retune the frontend, also if you want to spend just a little more you can get the more expensive version which also has builtin antenna switching with multiple antenna connections.
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