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'Scope tube anode cap needed!


Well-Known Member
The anode cap of my Cossor CDU 150 has melted. Does anyone have a small CRT anode cap I can use as a replacement?


Well-Known Member
I just happen to have a dead 9" crt monitor in my living room* at the moment, the LOPT is shot so you are welcome to the lead/cap if it's the correct one.

What diameter is the "pin" on the existing connector - or do you just need the insulating boot?

[* - Single, Engineer, lifelong electronics and computer enthusiast..]


Well-Known Member
Hello there rjenkinsgp. It's just the boot I need, I can alter it slightly if needs be. Clip is about 3/8" I think. Anode voltage is only about 9kV so your one would probably be about right. I'll PM you to arrange something. Many thanks!
What's really annoying is I had 2 from old computer monitors a few years ago, kept the lopts and threw the caps away! IMA dumbass...

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