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I'm trying to locate a datasheet or equivalence for a NPN transistor in TO-92 packaging with the following markings on it 'S 7267' and 'TIP638'. Any help would be appreciated.
Sorry, nobody seems to know what the transistor is for. I thought is was one of the TIP series, but there is no such thing as a TIP638 transistor. Could you provide a circuit that the transistor is used in?

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This is used on a German made Casette deck, it is used in many places, to control the motor or to regulate the supply voltage... the diagram that I'm icluding is for the voltage regulation... I hope is clear enough...



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The S7267 is probably a date code where S is where and 72 is the 72'nd week of 1967 or reverse.

I thought it could be a TIB63B; B's and 8s look similar.
Since when has there been 72 weeks in a year ?

Well it looks as if the transistor is used in a voltage regulator with D5, And it is probably an NPN transistor.
If it is an NPN, probably a 2N2222 will work in the circuit. ;)

The old transistor didn't fail for no reason, either it ran hot, or its max. amperage rating was exceeded.
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I know, it´s more than one year ago. The transistor is from an UHER Tapedeck CR210 or CR240 You can change it to BF245
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Uher CR210

Thank you...thats good info, I solved the problem replacing a blown capacitor...wasn't the transistor after all. I will save this with the circuit just in case.
Hello GZaha,
no, I´m wrong. I tried to change the transistors today, because I have a problem with it too. The BF245 is no practicable replacement for the S7267. If I find it out, i will inform you.

Greetings from Germany
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Just for documentation purposes: I successfully replaced the s7267 by the BC368. Any other NPN transistor with enough power would also do but the BC368 has the same pinout (ECB) as the s7267. The most of other transistors (for example the BC337) have the CBE pinout.

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