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RSLD035-15 - LED Driver, Switch Mode, 36.8 W, 52.5 V, 700 mA, Constant Current, 120 V, 277 V

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You can try ebay and local ad sites.
I think half is a bit too much, they won't expire, try $37. Or at least add the shipping to the price.


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So before in the thread you wrote that you would let them go for half of $54.

I need 15 of them for now for a customer. I can give you $25 each for 15 now, if they work out I may order more as my customer has a need. If you package them up, give me a weight and dimensions I can pay the shipping.

Are they new in a box with packaging? Can you send a photo? Thanks


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It be today i been hooking up the carwash controller dont have much time after work

But i will send some pictures tonight and how much 15 Weigh there unboxed the wiring is on the box there made good tho you can soak them in water and they still work
I got 50 or so of them


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Hello again Burt,

Can you make that 20 pieces and give me the new weight and dimensions?

How would you like to receive the payment?

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