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RS232 serial to parallel I/O interface circuit - I NEED ONE!

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Hello to all,

Can anyone help ?
I need a serial interface for a robotics project.I've searched the web and found only one circuit , but that uses a 6402 UART ic which I'm told is now obsolete.


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serial to parallel does exist....it does exist.

in many parts catalogs there are a couple of chips called, PISO, or SIPO.
parallel in serial out and serial in parallel out. by making a clock that works at the baud rate you are looking for and deviding it by the number of bits in your serial stream , that will give you the clock rate you need to use the sipo. giving you serial to parallel. there are also many other ways.
on http://www.commlinx.com.au contains a schematic directory and in there schematic directory they have a design using an atmel microcontroller and uncludes code. so there are many options available.

abhishek singh

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AT89c2051 will do


use AT89c2051 microcontroller which has builit serial Com port nad two parallel ports, you just have to write small software.



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Thank you both for your replies,

It's been some time since I picked up a soldering iron and what started life as a simple robotics project has become a bit more challenging.

Looks as if I'm going to have to get to grips with micro-controllers,
was once fluent in quick-basic but that was back around version 2.

jon h.

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